A production of Villa del Cine directed by Roman Chalbaud

Venezuela, mid of 19th century. Polarization between Liberals and Conservatives marked the political agenda. Colonial society inequities kept farmers and slaves under oligarchy’s yoke. Ezequiel Zamora, moved by deep freedom ideals, leads a battle trying to end with social inequities and to distribute lands fairly.

ZAMORA, FREE LANDS AND MEN, is a movie about a man that some tried to erase from history.

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Alexander Solórzano
Eric Ekvall
Antonio Machuca
Julio César Mármol
Verónica Arellano
Antonio Cuevas
Israel Moreno
Dilia Waikkarán
Vito Lonardo
Adrubal Meléndez
Gustavo Camacho
Antonio Delli
Alberto Galíndez
Hans Cristopher
Manuel Escolano
Dimas González
Luigi Sciamanna
José Torres
César Saffont
José Luis Montero
With the special participation of: Daniela Alvarado and Anastasia Mazzone, and the appearance of: Katiuska Huggins.

All the extras taking part in the movie are inhabitants of the localities were the film was shot (Paracotos, Barinas, NIrgua, Bejuma, Carora, El Coyón, Guarenas and Guatire).