A production of Villa del Cine directed by Roman Chalbaud

Venezuela, mid of 19th century. Polarization between Liberals and Conservatives marked the political agenda. Colonial society inequities kept farmers and slaves under oligarchy’s yoke. Ezequiel Zamora, moved by deep freedom ideals, leads a battle trying to end with social inequities and to distribute lands fairly.

ZAMORA, FREE LANDS AND MEN, is a movie about a man that some tried to erase from history.

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> The General of the Sovereign People arrive to the big screen

Villa del Cine release Zamora, a super production about a real hero that reflects the courage of the Latin American peoples and their fight for freedom, a man who others want to erase from history

The film Zamora arrive to Venezuelan movie screens the Octubre 2nd , thanks to the efforts of the Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Cultura, through the Platform for Film and Audiovisual Media, produced by Villa del Cine and distributed by Amazonia Films.

Directed by Roman Chalbaud, and written by the noted historian Luis Britto García, Zamora is a production made in different natural settings as Paracotos, La Victoria, the colonial area of Carora, Curarigua, El Coyón, Bejuca and the Barinas State. This production chronicles the life of one of the most important character of the Venezuelan history: Ezequiel Zamora, The General of the Sovereign People, a man who fought for the dignity and the emancipation of oppressed peoples in the XIX century, a hero in the events of the Federal War, which represented a key element in the development of popular movements, which became staunch fighter against the oligarchy for their courage, bravery and perseverance in their struggle for liberation of slaves and equality of peoples.

With a script developed by the renowned author, playwright and historian Venezuelan Luis Britto García, Zamora is the first historical film that is exposed on film about the events that occurred in the middle half of the XIX century along comes 128 minutes a portrait of life, the vehemence, the sensitivity and nature of perhaps the most important popular leader of that century, until the mysterious events that haunt his death, the piece also stands out for the narrative film of the disputes between the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party, and by the attractive scenes of the legendary Battle of Santa Inés, an event that was marked by the victory of the Liberal Party by Zamora, and demonstrated his great skill in leading troops.

Alexander Solórzano, Daniela Alvarado, Katiuska Huggins, Eric Ekvall, Anastasia Mazzone, Antonio Machuca, Julio César Mármol, Veronica Arellano, Antonio Cuevas, Israel Moreno, Dilia Waikkarán, Vito Lonardo, Asdrúbal Melendez, Gustavo Camacho, Antonio Delli, Alberto Galindez, Hans Christopher, Manuel Escolano, Dimas Gonzalez, Luigi Sciamanna, Jose Torres, César and José Luis Montero Saffont, acting up the team that gives life to every character in this complex story. With an excellent staging, an outstanding picture, innovative special effects, and the participation of more than 1000 extras make this work a masterful conglomerate of art that joins the new generation of films made in Venezuela.

Francisco Cabrujas is the composer responsible for the original music of the play, starring Lara Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Tarcisio Barreto. With photography Vitelbo Vásquez, Dedo Weigert Award winner 2008 for his impeccable work in Miranda Regresa, art direction at the hands of Evadne Mullings and Tania Perez and the hard work apparel by Antonio Alfonzo, Zamora, adds to the list of Venezuelan films catalog, with a creation that enhances the essence of our history.

Ministerio del Poder popular para la Cultura, through the Platform of Cinema and Audiovisual Media, is presenting the Venezuelan film Zamora, land and free men, historical production that marks a before and after in the making of films made in Venezuela

Edward Vera
Amazonia Films Press