A production of Villa del Cine directed by Roman Chalbaud

Venezuela, mid of 19th century. Polarization between Liberals and Conservatives marked the political agenda. Colonial society inequities kept farmers and slaves under oligarchy’s yoke. Ezequiel Zamora, moved by deep freedom ideals, leads a battle trying to end with social inequities and to distribute lands fairly.

ZAMORA, FREE LANDS AND MEN, is a movie about a man that some tried to erase from history.

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> The film Zamora, will be pre-release in the Teresa Carreno theater

The movie under the Roman Chalbaud direction and script by Luis Britto García, chronicles the life of Ezequiel Zamora, a man who fought for the dignity and the emancipation of oppressed peoples in the XIX century

The Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Cultura, through the Platform for Film and Audiovisual Media, is pleased to announce the pre-release of the film Zamora, directed by Roman Chalbaud, produced by the Villa del Cine and distributed by Amazonia films. The appointment is tomorrow, September 18 at 7:00 pm in the Sala Ríos Reina del Teatro Teresa Carreño.

Zamora, written by Luis Britto Garcia, filmed almost entirely in Edo. Barinas, tells the Ezequiel Zamora life, born in Edo. Miranda. This hero fights against the oligarchy and participated in the events of the Federal War. The film may be enjoyed in their pre-release, an event which will be attended by the minister of Popular Power for Culture Hector Soto, Roman Chalbaud and Luis Britto García, also with the various authorities of the Platform of Cinema and Audiovisual Media.

With performances by Alexander Solórzano, Daniela Alvarado, Dilia Waikkarán, Julio César Mármol, Dimas González, Asdrúbal Melendez, among other no less important actors, and the masterful Francisco Cabrujas music, played by Orquesta Sinfónica de Lara under the direction of Tarcisio Barreto, Zamora becomes a super production in addition to the new generation of films made in Venezuela. In this sense, this movie exalts our history and the spirit of freedom of a man who through his courage inspired many in the struggle for the slavery abolition and the dignity of peoples.

Edward Vera
Amazonia Films Press