A production of Villa del Cine directed by Roman Chalbaud

Venezuela, mid of 19th century. Polarization between Liberals and Conservatives marked the political agenda. Colonial society inequities kept farmers and slaves under oligarchy’s yoke. Ezequiel Zamora, moved by deep freedom ideals, leads a battle trying to end with social inequities and to distribute lands fairly.

ZAMORA, FREE LANDS AND MEN, is a movie about a man that some tried to erase from history.

> Trailer

> Zamora, on the street

The public may enjoy a special exhibition of Zamora, the last Roman Chalbaud work in Los Caobos

The film Zamora, directed by Roman Chalbaud may be enjoyed in street activity next October 1th in Plaza Museums of Los Caobos at 6:30 pm., this event is a prelude to the exhibition in commercial cinemas this Villa del Cine production, distributed by Amazonia Films.

The Ministerio del Poder Popular de la Cultura, through the Platform of Cinema and Audiovisual Media with a new strategy to promote local films, will exhibit Zamora, in this square, the most expected film of this year, at this time there in a big screen to convert the iconic Plaza de los Museos in a cinema outdoors, opportunity to enjoy a super production that chronicles the true hero life who fought for the dignity of the Venezuelans in the mid-nineteenth century.

In this way, the audience will see an historical film that mark a before and after in cinematographic creations made in Venezuela, works with excellent performances that portray the complexity of an era rife with infighting and thirst for freedom.

Edward Vera
Amazonia Films Press